Forex Wood is involved in the harvesting, purchasing and distribution of North american hardwood and softwood logs and lumber.

We purchase logs directly from forestland harvesters and occasionally have a participation. We also purchase from log concentration yards.

Several Canadian sawmills rely on our quality and buying power to supply them with competitive prices and good quality logs.

Demand form overseas buyers has led us to supply customers in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.






Specialized Architectural Products

Wood Lots

Hoosick Falls Forest Products



The Industrial products

Given our flexibility in supply, we are able to offer industrial products such as hardwood blocks, railway frames and beams for construction of all sizes and lengths up to a Maximum of 25' (considered non-standard from other suppliers, therefore difficult to obtain.)


Forex Wood Canada

Forex Wood USA

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Our log yard located in Hoosick Falls New York is strategically located allowing us to export our products both to Canada and Overseas.

We are committed to optimizing our ressources.  Recognizing and valuing wood as a renewable raw material, is why we are committed to be good stewards of our forest ressource. 

Being the owner of our own lumber lots, we are able to provide our customers with highly specialized products of conventional architecture wood products such as structural beams, slabs of any other specificaiton not a part of normal production.

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