Who are we


Forex Wood History

Forex Wood Group was founded in 2010 at Plessisville, creating two disctinct entities. Forex Wood USA that’s evolving internationally and Forex Wood Canada that specializes in transforming hardwood logs.

Our office is in Princeville, QC, Canada, where all operations and controls are done by the most competent personnel.

Since the beginning, our companies sought to surround themselves with qualified people that knew how to use their expertise to reach new horizons and promise a constant qualified engagement.

In 2013, Forex Wood Group acquired a log yard in the United States of America, assuring them the exploitation and purchase of wood lots mainly in New York state and become self-sufficient in supply and permitting them to offer a complete range of hardwood species and grades.

Since 2014 Forex Wood Group

Forex Wood Group

From the forest to the distribution, consisting of several entities, our companies provide the complete range of hardwood logs as well as all related processing. Producing high quality products that follow industry standards and classification for all desired board thicknesses and lengths to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Forex Wood group provides superior quality. Possessing its own supplies, without any intermediary, this allows us to offer competitive prices in order to meet international and local demand.

Forex Wood Canada

A Canadian company specializing in the sawing and distribution of hardwood products, such as red oak, white oak, maple and cherry, sold in either as green or dry, depending on demand, in all lengths and thickness.

We combine the advantages of high capacity production while maintaining the flexibility of small-scale production for very specific products.

Forex Wood Canada ensures a product of high quality and exceptional consistency. The grades and dimensions are adapted to the specific application of the customer. We can bring our wood products to a higher level of processing when required directly from our supply. We also ensure large volumes promptly and at competitive prices.

Forex Wood USA

Specialized in exporting, Forex Wood USA is an important player in a vast and dynamic global market.

Its integration and own supplies, allow it to offer on the international market a complete range of high-quality hardwood logs such as red oak, white oak, maple, ash, walnut and cherry at competitive prices including sawlogs and veneer logs.